RISK: Physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of injury, the Management urges you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any physical exercise activity.  Should you experience any pain, dizziness, or any other adverse conditions during your use of any of the equipment at the facility, you are encouraged to immediately consult your medical doctor. By signing this Agreement you are acknowledging that engaging in any physical exercise or using any exercise equipment will be ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. DO NOT ENTER IF SICK OR FEELING UNWELL IN ANY WAY.


CELLPHONES: When you purchase a membership at Recharge Fuel & Fitness Inc. and understand that our staffed hours vary and that you may be using the facility at times when there will be no staff assistance or other members present.  For your safety, we HIGHLY recommend that you have a cell phone readily accessible at all times. Also to note, lights are motion sensored.



YOUR BELONGINGS: Recharge Fuel & Fitness Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.  No personal belongings are to be left at the facility. Please ensure to sanitize any and all contact points of any belongings you do bring (i.e. counters, cubbies, etc.).



COMMUNICATION: Our rules and regulations may change as needed and we will ensure that any changes are posted throughout the gym, on our website and social media pages. It is the members responsibility to pay attention to any changes and respond accordingly. 



FOB: All members must have their own FOB (unless pre authorized by management). Your FOB is for your entry and your entry ONLY. Any violations will result in immediate and permanent termination of your membership and there will be no refunds. 



TRAINERS: Recharge Fuel & Fitness Inc. does not employ or insure personal trainers, any advice provided/taken by another member is done so at their/your own risk.



HOLDS/TRANSFERS: Memberships cannot be transferred. No holds without a medical note.



ZERO TOLERANCE: ANY  violations of this Agreement may result in immediate (with no warning) cancellation of your membership and there may be no refunds & no reinstatement.



COMMUNITY DRIVEN MINDSET: Report any issues with other member’s etiquette and any concerns with equipment you may encounter immediately to management. Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that appears to have malfunctioned. We are community driven and need your eyes and ears in order to be able to operate 24/7 without constant supervision!



SHOES & CLOTHING: Appropriate indoor athletic shoes only. No outdoor shoes are permitted past front entry doors (if your shoes touched an outdoor surface even once they are considered outdoor). Clean and appropriate workout clothing only.  For your safety, no belts, buckles, buttons, zippers, etc. that could get caught in equipment or damage upholstery are allowed.



HAND WASHING & SANITIZING & PUTTING THINGS AWAY: Please ensure you first wash your hands and THEN get your sanitizing bottle & rag. You must sanitize anywhere you OR YOUR BELONGINGS touch, sit, perspire, etc. (to include benches, cable accessories, weight stack pins, weight plates, etc. - ALL POINTS OF CONTACT) after each and every use (BEFORE is also highly recommended). After properly sanitizing all items ensure they are in their proper place (i.e. benches all in front of free weights, plates on plate stands, bars in bar stand, accessories on assigned hooks, etc.) Do not, under any circumstances, lean any equipment against walls or rest on anything upholstered. Dispose of both your bottle and rag(s) when done in bins provided. 



SCENTS & SOUNDS: The use of heavy perfume or cologne is not permitted, nor is offensive body odor or poor hygiene. Inappropriate language, grunting, groaning or excessively loud talking will not be tolerated. If you prefer your own music please use headphones.



CHALK CLEAN-UP & ACCIDENTS: : Use of chalk is permitted; however, you MUST clean up any evidence left behind. Please take extra care at sink with any health products, please clean-up any accidental spills immediately & notify management of any messes you are unable to clean up yourself and any equipment you may have broken by accident.



TIME LIMITS, SUPER SETTING, CELL PHONE USE & VISITING: There are no set time limits on machines nor are there any set limits on how often you may enter at any given time; however, we insist all members remain respectful at all times with how long they are using a specific station or area. Please also be conscientious about how many stations you are using at any given time, if it is busy NO SUPERSETTING. Once you are on a station you must remain actively using it at all times, please step off quietly to the side to review your training plans, respond to any texts/messages, visit with another member, as not to disturb other members or block equipment you are not actively using. 



All members covenant and agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless, Recharge Fuel & Fitness Inc, it’s owners, employees and agents, from any and all losses, costs, claims, damages, injuries, death, thefts or liabilities, whatsoever, including strict liability, arising out of or in any way connected with my participation. I fully comprehend the description of services Recharge Fuel & Fitness Inc. described to me. In using this facility, I acknowledge and agree to abide by all policies and procedures listed within this agreement.



*Recharge Fuel and Fitness Inc. reserves the right to revise and amends these policies and prices whenever necessary*